Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring of joy and pain

There is always so much to talk about during the Spring season. The month of March is truly a difficult month for my wife. Betty Korb, her mother, passed away March 16th. It has been 19 years since her passing. I remember the first time I asked Nikki about Betty. Her answer was quick. "She is not alive." The tone of her voice sounded hurt with pain. I think the reason why her voice tone sounded hurt was because as Nikki and I's relationship progressed she found her soulmate, her best friend and love of her life. She wanted to tell her all about him. I could be wrong. I know Nikki would love one more conversation with her mother. One more day. One more week. Better yet, one more year. If one more day, June 7, 2008, our wedding day. One more year? I personally think Nikki would love to have her mother live from November 26, 2011 to November 27, 2012 (so she could skip the party clean up). That day was such a special day for Nikki and I. The day our daughter Rhylee was born. I was so damn proud of my wife. As a matter of fact, I have never been so proud of my wife. Our marriage witnessed a miracle. Birth to me is in fact a miracle. Nikki battled a very tough labor. I know she wishes her mother Betty could have been by her side holding her hand. In all honesty, a few people pretty much said the same thing to me regarding the delay of our daughter to enter her earthly life. "Nikki's mom and Rhylee are having to much fun and both are having a hard time letting go which is why this labor is taking so long." I truly believe that. November 26 2011 to November 27 2012 would be the start of a wonderful year if Nikki were to ask for a year with her mom. Betty could see her granddaughter grow. Betty could tell Nikki what her first year was like raising her. I think they would share great stories. I can't forget the celebration of Rhylee's first birthday. If Betty loved chocolate as much as Nikki, and if Rhylee loves chocolate as much as her mom, that would be a great birthday party to attend! We have a goal of getting sealed for time and all eternity as a family this summer. I know Betty will be there and will be proud of how far our marriage has come. I know Nikki would ask for that day too.

As I have sat and listened to Nikki talk about her mother, her family stepping in and raising her, I see signs of her grandmother, mother, aunt(s) in her in many ways. I have never met Betty, but I feel I have known her for a long time because the stories I have heard and ways I have seen Nikki live her life to the fullest. She looks identical to her mom too.

Nikki, I know your mother would be so proud of you if she were here on earth today. You are the perfect companion to me. You were put in my path for many reasons, so was your family. I can't wait to thank your mom for just you! You and I are starting many memories. Betty left her mark in your heart, you are going to leave your mark in Rhylee's (and other children hopefully) hearts.

I write this not to disrespect the unselfishness that Betty's sister Margie did for my wife. Margie did the most Christ - like and unselfish thing. She chose to adopt Nikki and raise her. Margie has been by Nikki's side for her whole life. I asked Margie for permission to marry her daughter. Margie has been a fantastic aunt/mother to Nikki and grandmother to Rhylee. She is the one who now sheds tears of sadness with Nikki and enjoys the laugh, memories, and always offers words of encouragement. She talks to Nikki the way a mother talks to her daughter. She treated Nikki the way "the favorite Aunt" would treat her favorite neice. Then the title of mother came and she still treated Nikki with love, but yet, had to be the mother, not the favorite aunt. She disciplined and hugged when certain situations occured. She was a single mother. Nikki has also had great support from Sue, her mother's other sister and her husband Roy, aka Sparky. I love Margie, Sue and Roy because they have taken Nikki under their wings and have supported us in the lows of lows and high of highs. They show true love in everyway possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stepping in unselfishly and welcoming her (and me too) in your lives! I believe God has a very special gift for all of you for taking it upon yourselves to "step up" and take care of Betty's pride and joy and God's daughter.

You have a present waiting for you at home. I hope this brightens your day. I love you! I love your mother for helping me find you!
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rhylee's Blessing

Rhlee's blessing was yesterday! It was such a beautiful day. We had so much family, love and support. Sue and Roy came from Idaho to share the day with us and Stacy and Yvonne cam all the way up from Gunnison to share it with us also. Most of Chris's family was there and it was such a beautiful ceremony. We decided to have it at our house instead of at church so we could accomodate traveling family. Chris of course made most of us cry with his touching words and heartfelt message as usual. I made a video of the day because there were so many pictures. I will probly revise it and add more pictures when I get the pictures Sue and Roy got from that day. I am sure they got way better ones. I feel so blessed for such amazing friends and family to share my happiness with. (click on the word video)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cutest Daughter Ever

I have the cutest daughter ever. I may be biased, but everyone is always saying how she is so beautiful, and I think they are right. She had her first real smile on Christmas day. on Jan 15th she giggled for the first time when I was talking to her. Then on Jan 17th, she had her first big scare followed by a lip and a wail. Chris sneezed when he was holding her and he sneezes so loud her could wake the dead, well he scared her so bad that she about jumped off his lap and then she stuck her lip clear out and started screaming and crying. It was heartbreaking, but also hysterical and adorable. I had the hardest time not laughing cause we were trying to calm her down. Here are some photos from the last few weeks.

Punky and daddy

Posing with Dru who I don't think was posing he just wanted some attention
So cute in my overalls

small grin

sleeping on daddy

Passed out with her bib on

Love the semi pissy look on her face

Big smile

Im naked and I like it. let me see the camera

little smile

she passed out on our bed, we had her propped up on a pillow

Chillin in jeans and a hoodie like mommy and daddy do

Friday, January 27, 2012

Rhylee's 1st shots at 2 months

Rhylee had her first shots today. I went back to work on Monday and couldn't take the day off for her shots, felt like the worst parent ever. But she did amazing. Daddy was there with her and he said she she cried till she couldn't catch her breath, then she calmed down and was fine the rest of the day. After, Chris's mom was up taking care of Isaac so Chris took Rhylee up and Judy took care of her so she didn't have to do daycare after that. She hasn't been too fussy either. We bought some infant tylenol for her and gave it to her right after her shots just so she wouldn't have to be uncomfortable. She's such a good baby. We are so blessed to have her.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A little Photoshoot

So I decided to do my own little newborn photoshoot since we can't afford to get them professionally done. I hung up my black duvet cover on the wall and used the boppy with a blanket over it. I was just playing around mostly... but here is what came from it.

My Fav pic

One of my favs

Rolling around in her tutu

Wish she could smile back, but she is still adorable

Aunt sue gave her these

Loved this hat, it was just way too big for her little head.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

So for Christmas we stayed home this year. Since I was on maternity leave I was not getting a paycheck, and Rhylee was only a month old so we decided not to travel this year. We couldn't really afford to do Christmas either this year, so before I went on maternity leave I made a whole bunch of cookie dough of differnt kinds and froze it for this very occasion. Then I went to the dollar store and got some containers to put stuff in and made name tags with my Cricut. Chris made some freezer jam and this is what we gave out for Christmas.

Cookies and white chocolate popcorn


For hannah and Isaac I made Reindeer food out of glitter and oats and attached a cute little poem to it with a bell from Santa's Sleigh.

My little Punkins Christmas outfit (boots with the fur!)

So precious!

A Christmas Family photo

Sue and Margie sent gifts for Christmas and she fell asleep before we even opened the first one for her.

Sue sent Raiders onsies and Boise State stuff, Chris was sooo excited.

An outfit from Grandma Margie

Elephant PJ's from Nana Soup (Sue)

Toys from Grandma Margie

Her Christmas outfit. My frist Christmas pj's and bib

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rylee comes home

We came home from the hospital on Monday November 28th, 2012. There were so many pictures from her coming home that I decided to just make a video for it. Carla took all the picutres for our homecoming. Enjoy! (click on the word video)